As the seasons change and we transition into spring, we find ourselves reflecting on the warmth and camaraderie of our recent Spring Chef’s Table Night. It was an evening filled with gratitude, appreciation, and the joy of culinary exploration—a testament to the enduring partnership between chefs, suppliers, and producers that lies at the heart of our philosophy.

At the core of our event were the esteemed suppliers and producers who work tirelessly throughout the long winters to cultivate and harvest the ingredients that form the foundation of our creations. Their unwavering dedication and commitment to quality and sustainability lay the groundwork for the magic we create together, and for that, we are deeply grateful.

Every ingredient, carefully sourced and lovingly cultivated, tells a story of resilience and passion. From the fields and farms to our kitchen and ultimately to the plates of our guests, each ingredient carries with it the essence of the artisans behind it. As we prepared each dish for our Spring Chef’s Table Night, we felt a profound sense of responsibility to honour the labor and dedication that went into producing these ingredients. Chefs Chris and Colin curated a sensational 6-course menu, featuring the following:

Course 1: “Donegal Dexter Beef Tartare” Featuring tender Donegal Dexter beef tartare, paired with sesame oil and a cured Glenborin egg yolk. The dish was elevated with a wasabi and coriander emulsion, puffed wild rice, and Ballyholey coriander shoots.

Course 2: “Stone Bass Cannelloni” Next, guests enjoyed stone bass cannelloni served with a Mulroy Bay mussel velouté, Ballyholey butter leeks, and a drizzle of burnt leek oil. The dish was accompanied by potato and cucumber for a refreshing finish.

Course 3: “McConnell’s Lamb Shoulder” For the main course, McConnell’s lamb shoulder took centre stage, accompanied by black garlic ketchup, wild garlic emulsion, and tender white asparagus. Ballyholey smoked aubergine added a delightful smoky flavour to the dish.

Course 4: “Little Mamma’s Sorbet” A palate cleanser came in the form of Little Mamma’s ginger and lime sorbet, served with a Sliabh Liag smokey dark Silkie. The refreshing sorbet prepared guests for the next course.

Course 5: “Corveen Glen Pork Belly” Corveen Glen pork belly, featuring pressed confit belly of pork, black pudding puree, and pickled mustard seeds. Crushed apple and Ballyholey spring cabbage rounded out the dish, accompanied by a creamy sauce from The Milk Bar & Armagh Cider Company.

Course 6: “New Kid Coffee and Coco Milis Chocolate Hazelnut Cream” To end the evening on a sweet note, guests indulged in New Kid coffee and Coco Milis chocolate hazelnut cream. Donagh Bees honey ice cream, coffee caramel, and coffee crumb added layers of flavour and texture to this decadent dessert.

A special thank you goes out to our partners, the Wild Atlantic Distillery and Errigal Brewing, for gracing our event with their exceptional spirits and brews. Their willingness to share their craft and provide samples for our guests added an extra layer of delight to the evening, elevating it to a truly memorable experience.

Chef’s Spring Table Night in Biddy’s O’Barnes restaurant in Barnesmore Gap, Co. Donegal. Crafted in collaboration with Food Coast Donegal. Photo by Joe Dunne 18/04/24
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