Due to these trying times we kindly ask you to adhere to all staff member instruction and signage on the property.

Overview of Guidelines for Hospitality:

  • Contact tracing details required for one member of each party
  • Social distancing of 1 metre – very specifically the 1 metre is measured ‘back to back’ of chairs, not between tables.
  • Maximum of 6 adults (over 13 years of age) and 9 children at a table (therefore max 15 at table – six adults and nine children)
  • Table Service only
    • Lounge bar will be used for payment of bills only (through a one-way system –> Through Beer Garden Door and out the front of the pub.
  • No maximum time limit
  • Closing time of 11.00pm with all out by 11.30pm
  • No live or loud music
  • No requirement to have a meal
  • Capacity to be determined by the capability to provide social distancing
  • Wearing of masks when entering, leaving or using the toilets
  • Employees to wear masks at all times
  • It is recommended to have segmented food and beverage areas to allow for smokers and non-smokers.
  • Outdoor is defined in exactly the same way as for smoking areas – if there is a roof a full 50% of the perimeter must be totally open.

Full guidelines are available here.