Donegal Pubs: Playing Cards

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This unique deck of playing cards features 52 charming illustrations, each showcasing iconic Donegal pubs. The King of Clubs spotlights Biddy’s O’Barnes, and each card is labeled with the pub’s name and address, making it easy to explore or reminisce about Donegal’s vibrant pub culture.

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An exceptional deck of playing cards showcases 52 captivating illustrations by Cowfield Designs, each depicting some of Donegal’s most iconic pubs. Each card exudes its own distinctive character and charm, thanks to the unique illustrations.

The King of Clubs features Biddy’s O’Barnes.

Every pub is labeled with its name and address, simplifying your quest to locate these esteemed establishments. These playing cards are your ticket to either embark on a journey to discover the delights of Donegal or reminisce about the cherished moments you’ve experienced there.

  • 1st edition
  • 54 cards
  • 54 illustrations
  • Poker size

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