The echoes of laughter, the lingering aromas of delectable dishes, and the warm ambiance are still fresh in our minds as we reflect on the resounding success of our Chef’s Table event that took place on November 2nd, 2023. The evening was nothing short of a culinary journey, and we’re thrilled to share the highlights of this extraordinary night.

Culinary Mastery by Chefs Chris McMenamin and Colin McKee

Our esteemed chefs, Chris McMenamin and Colin McKee, showcased their culinary prowess with a five-course tasting menu that truly captivated our guests. From the exquisite amuse-bouche to the indulgent dessert, each dish was a masterpiece that celebrated the flavors of winter. The creativity and attention to detail in every bite were a testament to the chefs’ dedication to their craft.

A Symphony of Flavors

The first course; Pan Seared Scallops set the tone for the evening, offering a tantalizing preview of the culinary journey ahead. The next course, a Glazed Poussin complimented by carefully curated blend of seasonal ingredients, left taste buds tingling with delight.

The black sole warmed both hearts and bellies, creating a sense of comfort and joy. The fourth course; the venison was a culinary symphony, with flavors and textures harmonizing in perfect balance. And last but not least; the dessert, a rich ganache was the crescendo to the night, left everyone craving for just one more bite.

Warmth and Ambiance

The venue’s atmosphere played a crucial role in enhancing the overall experience. White table cloths, with beautiful wintery tablescapes and dimmed lights created an intimate and inviting setting. Guests reveled in the warmth of the surroundings, making the evening not just a culinary adventure but a memorable social gathering.

A Night of Pure Delight for Food Enthusiasts

Our Chef’s Table event was truly a foodie’s delight. The joyous chatter and exclamations of delight from guests echoed the success of the evening. Whether seasoned food enthusiasts or those new to the world of fine dining, everyone left with a newfound appreciation for the artistry of food.

One Lovely Guest wrote on TripAdvisor post-event;

A gastronomic experience not to be missed! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
We went last night for the Chefs Table at Biddy’s and we have been talking about it since! The food and service was unreal from start to finish!! If we could leave more than 5 stars we would.

If you get an opportunity to experience this you really should.

I meant to take photos of all the 5 courses but forgot as I got too excited every time a course was placed in front of me 😂 I have attached those that I did.

The level of detail on the tables and again the service both in the bar and floor was amazing, very attentive and polite.

I overheard another customer saying to the waitress that they had gone to a Michelin star dinner last week in Dublin and this was better! Praise where it’s due!

We cannot wait for the next one Chefs Chris & Colin, book us in again please! 👏👏

Perhaps we should leave it as our own secret but too good not to leave a review sadly 😆

Treat Yourself Before the Christmas Madness

As we reflect on the success of this event, we are reminded of the importance of taking a moment to treat ourselves before the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season. The Chef’s Table provided a perfect opportunity for guests to pause, savor, and enjoy the finer things in life, setting the tone for a festive season filled with warmth and joy.

Looking Forward to Future Culinary Adventures

The success of our Chef’s Table event has left us eagerly anticipating future culinary adventures. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our guests, chefs, and everyone who contributed to making this evening a triumph. Stay tuned for more gastronomic delights as we continue to celebrate the art of food in the coming months.

In the spirit of good food, good company, and the upcoming holiday season, thank you for joining us on this culinary journey. Until next time! 🍽️🌟

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