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Event/Party Terms & Conditions

Last Updated: 12 May 2022

  • You = ‘Host’ ‘Organiser’
  • We = Biddy’s O’Barnes/Owners & Employees


  • Final guest count is due 10 days prior to the scheduled party.
    • We may be unable to add additional guests to your booking after this time
  • You are responsible for any damage caused to the premises by you or your guests. (see; Conduct)


  • A €200 deposit is required to secure desired date, this will be taken off the final bill at the end of the night
    • Cancellations made 30 days or more in advance of the event date, will receive a 100% refund.
  • Payment in full must be paid on the day of the event
  • Unfortunately we cannot split bills
  • If guests are paying for drink individually they will need to order and pay at the bar
  • If any additional guests enter your party above your guest count included in your package, the additional guests will be charged at the agreed per head rate


  • Access to the tables for decorating can be provided 30 minutes in advance of the party
  • Guest to provide decor
  • Glitter or Confetti is not allowed to be used
  • Tape, Nails, staples, glue or any like materials is not allowed on any walls or doors. Blue Tac or Similar is recommended.
  • If you have any decor/other party items that you would like to keep after your event please specify before the party, it should be arranged to be picked up within 2 days of the event.


  • Music is booked and paid for by the guest
  • Music must end by last call (see; closing times)

Time Limits:

  • Table Reservations are 2 hours in total from the beginning of your reservations.
  • Parties Booked from 7PM will have the room for the evening unless otherwise noted.

Catering Services:

  • A food package is mandatory to secure any private event.
    • No Outside Food & Drink (including outside caterers) are allowed on our premises
  • An exception of a cake for birthday parties may be granted at our discretion
  • Additional food orders or guests on the night will be charged at the normal a la carte menu rate and added to the host’s final bill

Closing Times:

  • Monday – Thursday: 11.00pm
  • Friday & Saturday: 12.30am
  • Sunday: 11.00pm
    • Drinking-up’ time of 30 minutes is permitted at the end of official closing time


  • We recommend transportation be booked in advance of events on the weekends & bank holidays
  • Party Organisers and guests are responsible for booking and paying for their own transportation to & from the venue
  • A list of recommended Taxis can be found here:

Other Policies/Housekeeping:

Hazardous Material
Host agrees not to bring on to the premises any material, substance, equipment or object which is likely to endanger the life of, or cause bodily injury to any person or property or which is likely to constitute a hazard.

The conduct of all event guests shall be the responsibility of the Host. Host also accepts all responsibility for any injury to person(s) or property, or loss of or damage to the property or theft of personal property during the event, or resulting from failure by any individual or group to follow all applicable rules and regulations and will be cause for eviction. Biddy’s O’Barnes maintain the right to evict objectionable persons from the premises. We reserve the right to refuse service for any reason to an individual or party. Repeated violations may result in denial of future reservation requests.

Guest shall release, indemnify, and hold harmless, Biddy’s O’Barnes, its owners, its agents, officers, or employees from any and all responsibility or liability for any and all damages or injury of any kind or nature whatever to all persons, whether agents or employees of the Host or persons attending the events for which the premises have been booked, and to all property damage proximately caused by, incident to resulting from, arising out of occurring in connections with, the use by the Guests of the premises. The provisions of this section shall include any and all losses, damages, injuries, settlements, judgments, decrees, awards, fines, penalties, claims, costs and expenses.

Lost or Damaged Personal Property
Biddy’s O’Barnes assumes no responsibility for the damage or loss of any articles left on venue property prior to, during, or following the event. Any items left behind will be held here for pickup for up to two (2) days after the event.


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