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History of Biddy’s

History of Biddy's

A rural, family-run pub since 1870.

History of Biddy's O'Barnes

  1. ~ 1870

    Denis (b. 1826) & Bridget aka Biddy (Tower or Travers) Callaghan established an Inn at the foothills of the Blue Stack Mountains.

  2. 1901

    1901 Census described Biddy's as "A public house with 5 rooms, slated rood, with 3 persons in family"

  3. 1903

    Biddy's O'Barnes became one of the first licensed premises in the country, and possibly the first in Donegal.

  4. 1909

    Pub was passed to son, John (b. 1857) & wife Rose (McMenamin) Callaghan

  5. ~1910

    Briefly called "John Callaghan's" as it was a legal requirement to display the proprietor’s name over the front door of the premises after legislation passed in 1872.

  1. 1913

    Bridget (Travers) Callaghan passed away

  2. 1913

    John officially dedicates the pub to his mother by naming it "Biddy's of Barnes"

  3. 1914

    Denis Callaghan passed away Family legend has it that the day Dinny's wife died he ordered his own grave dug at the same time.

  4. 1931

    John Callaghan passes away, wife Rose continues to run the pub.

  5. 1938

    Rose (McMenamin) Callaghan dies and pub passes to daughter, Rose Callaghan. "Near closing, Rosie would call “time” and then make everyone say the rosary. Following the prayers, she would start serving drinks again."

  1. 1960's

    Rose adds Shell petrol pumps to the front of the pub

  2. 1977

    Rose Callaghan passes away and Biddy's is run by brother Joe Callaghan and wife Kitty.

  3. 1977

    Rose Callaghan passes away and Biddy's is run by nephew, Terrance Callaghan.

  4. 1979/1980

    Extension by Terrance Callaghan added on the current lounge and relocated the bar service to it's current location. It also added the current kitchen, bathroom & storage facilities as well as a lounge in the upstairs.

  5. 1980

    Petrol Pumps Close

  6. 1990

    Biddy's is purchased by Terrence's friends, John & Carmel Slevin.

  1. 1990

    Carmel Slevin passes away and the pub continues to be run by John Slevin and family.

  2. 2001

    The Clar-Barnesmore road realignment was complete, now the N15 runs behind Biddy's instead of outside the front door!

  3. 2014

    John Slevin passes away and pub passes to son Aaron Slevin.

  4. 2017

    Biddy's O'Barnes wins "Best Pint of Guinness in Donegal" via the Donegal Democrat.

  1. 2020

    Biddy's O'Barnes is officially 150 Years Old!

  2. 2020

    Renovation of the front room and turf shed to a cozy dining area.

  3. 2021

    Appointment of Executive Chef Team Chris McMenamin & Colin McKee.

  4. 2022

    Best Traditional Gastropub All Ireland

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Nestled in Donegal's picturesque countryside, Biddy's O'Barnes is your quintessential Irish pub experience. With a century of history, we offer authentic Irish cuisine, live traditional music, and a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Join us for a pint of Guinness, soak in the culture, and make lasting memories. Sláinte!

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