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Weekly Storytelling Sessions at Biddy's O'Barnes

Feeling the pinch of the mundane? Yearning for a portal to a world brimming with fantastical creatures, heroic deeds, and laughter that warms the soul? Look no further than Biddy’s O’Barnes! Every week, we weave a tapestry of wonder with our Weekly Irish Storytelling Sessions, fostering a warm and intimate atmosphere for you to connect with Irish folklore.

Experience the Magic in Small Groups:
Biddy’s O’Barnes offers a unique storytelling experience. Unlike crowded events, we focus on intimate groups (minimum of 5 attendees) to ensure a truly immersive experience. This allows you to connect with the stories, the storyteller, and your fellow adventurers on a deeper level. Note: Special events with larger capacities may be offered on occasion, so be sure to check our listings!

Step into a Pub Steeped in Tradition:
Biddy’s O’Barnes isn’t just a place to quench your thirst, it’s a portal to Ireland’s rich heritage. Settle into our cozy nooks, raise a glass (or two) of local brews, and prepare to be enthralled by the magic of storytelling.

Weekly Doses of Enchantment:
Our masterful seancha√≠ (that’s Irish for storytellers!) will captivate you with tales both ancient and surprising. From the mischievous twinkle of faeries to the heart-pounding sagas of local legends, each week brings a fresh batch of bewitching stories guaranteed to leave you spellbound.

More Than Just Listening:
Feeling a bit parched? We’ve got a selection of thirst-quenching Irish brews to keep your spirits high. Craving a taste of Ireland? Each ticket includes a steaming cup of Biddy’s legendary homemade chowder or soup, the perfect fuel for your storytelling adventure.

So ditch the ordinary and step into a world of extraordinary tales at Biddy’s O’Barnes! Gather your friends, or come meet new ones, and embark on a captivating journey through Irish folklore.

Keep the Fire of Irish Storytelling Burning: Join Us at Biddy’s!

Looking to bring the magic of Irish storytelling to your private group or tour?

We can accommodate! While our weekly sessions focus on smaller, public groups, Biddy’s O’Barnes can also host special storytelling events for individual tours and groups on a case-by-case basis. Contact us today to discuss your needs and create a truly unforgettable Irish experience for your group. Please email Becky our events manager at event{@}

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