We’ve gone MAD!

Mad Hatter Coffee that is…

Very excited to partner with another local business to bring you an amazing cup of coffee that has made The Hatter Tea Room such a popular spot.

Come in and see why we’re mad about #hattercoffee – espresso, americano, cappuccino or latte we’ve got your favourite coffee drink <3

Owner of Hatter Coffee, Paddy.

One of the most iconic pubs and places in not only Donegal but Ireland, Biddys O’Barnes now stocks Hatter Coffee. Thanks so much to Megan and Aaron for supporting us and supporting local produce.

All through my life passing the place I always loved stopping here, it was only down the road from home but it always held a special place in my heart as my Mum had her first job here years ago too.

So to have Hatter Coffee here for their customers to enjoy is a huge pleasure. So I had to of course sample one of their pints of Black stuff in return for a cup of ours.

Paddy McMenamin, Owner of Hatter Coffee and Mad Hatter Tea Room / To Go
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